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Yogesh Joshee


Yogesh Joshee was the first licensed, Indian FIFA sports agent in the world. He has met and represented some of the top footballers in the world.

Meet Yogesh Joshee

Football is a sport enjoyed and played by all; men, women, boys, and girls of all ages and races come together to celebrate it. Yogesh Joshee is no different. From the first time he kicked a ball, he knew he loved the sport and wanted to learn everything about it. Yogesh never dreamt his passion would lead him to the career it did, but he’s not complaining. Yogesh is the first Indian licensed football agent in the world, and has worked with some of the best football talent of all time.

Yogesh has always had a passion for sports. When a close friend started to move up the ranks in the sport world, he would take Yogesh to his teams banquets, award shows, and other events, where Yogesh got to rub elbows with the top athletes in the world. During a banquet, Yogesh sparked a spirited conversation with various athletes and agents about the lack of Indian athletes and agents in the industry. Inspired by the conversation, he decided he would do what he could to change that.

Before long, Yogeth had become the first Indian licensed football agent. This alone was a huge milestone in his career, but what he did next would solidify his mark in the sports industry forever. Yogesh flew to Portugal to meet with the Indian National Football squad, and while there, he signed half the team as his clients, most notably Sunil Chhetri. With Yogesh’s guidance and fortitude, they were able to get Chhetri to play with some of the top football organizations in the world.

As Joshee’s credibility grew as an agent, so did his talent pool. While working with Chhetri, many other Indian footballer’s began gaining interest in working with Yogesh. Fortunately for those footballer’s, Yogesh was forming tight relationships with exclusive football organizations all over, including Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, and Tottenham.

His biggest signing after Chhetri ended up being Michael Chopra, a striker who Yogesh helped move from Cardiff City to Ipswich Town, after arguably Chopra’s best full season as a professional. The success of Chopra and Chhetri has made Yogesh one of the most prominent multicultural agents in the world today. And his brand continues to grow.