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With the 2018 men’s World Cup over, it almost seems like there isn’t as much going on in the world of football anymore. Especially after the amazing performances we saw this year, the football world can seem a little stagnant after a World Cup is over. But football fans are not to worry: there’s plenty of action still happening before the next men’s World Cup.

 Women’s World Cup
Although the next men’s World Cup won’t happen again until 2022, be sure to look out for the women’s World Cup, coming up in 2019. You can catch the Cup in June, which isn’t as far away as it might seem. In recent games, the U.S. women’s team has been on a redemption spree in recovery from major losses like its one to Sweden in the 2016 Olympics.

In two upcoming September games, the U.S. Women’s National Team are playing against Chile, which could determine their position for the next World Cup. With a new roster released by the U.S. including including new faces, the people are excited to see what this game brings. Especially with France not lingering too far behind the U.S. in recent performances, you will definitely not want to miss this women’s Cup.

Changes in European Football
It seems we’ve been observing some shifts in European football in recent times. There have been serious issues in regards to inequality in European football and it seems we might observe some changes in the coming year because of the issues with the “Elite” player.

Recently, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, PSG, and Bayern Munich met with FIFA officials to address this issue of inequality in teammates and players, in hopes to tackle the issues with elitism among some of the players. You’ll certainly want to stay in the loop with these changes.

With so much happening in the world of football, I can assure you the next World Cup will be here before we know it. The U.S. is sure to put up a good fight, but only time will tell in the end.